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EASTCONN Consortium Member districts can borrow this device to try with students by contacting any member of the EASTCONN AT Team or by emailing Carol Magliocco.

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Brought to you by:
Carol Magliocco, Amy Norton, Stacey Fulton, Ann Bedard, and JoAnne Lambert, EASTCONN’s Assistive Technology Team

February 2020

Photo of Switch Accessible Uno Attack Game

Switch Accessible Uno Attack Game
by Adaptable Tech Solutions

Individuals with disabilities who require a switch for access can now play this popular and exciting game with their peers! Switch users participate by hitting the switch to activate the card launcher. (Optional switch is not included). This game is best suited for users who have a clear understanding of switch use; as the launcher is random and will not launch cards every time the switch is pressed. Open the hyperlink for a short video demonstration: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17Yhwq-EOHVmUny_tsRgdIreToGNbfgfB/view?usp=sharing