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Brought to you by:
Carol Magliocco, Amy Norton, Stacey Fulton, Ann Bedard, JoAnne Lambert, and Carissa Barber EASTCONN’s Assistive Technology Team

EASTCONN Consortium Member districts can borrow this device to try with students by contacting any member of the EASTCONN AT Team or by emailing Carol Magliocco.

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March 2017

Photo of LIFTWARE Level and LIFTWARE Steady

by Verily Life Sciences

The LIFTWARE handles with spoon attachments are designed to help people with hand tremor or limited hand and arm mobility retain confidence and independence. LIFTWARE Steady uses sensors in the handle to detect movement or tremor and steadies the utensil automatically. LIFTWARE Level keeps a utensil at the angle needed to eat any meal despite involuntary movement. Both products increase independence with less spillage. Both handles can support spoon or fork attachments, both of which are dishwasher safe. The LIFTWARE handles and attachments were added to the AT Lending Library through support from the CT Tech Act.

January 2017

Photo of The Sqweezel

The Sqweezel
by Nielsen Products

The Sqweezel by Nielsen Products is a universal tablet holder and mounting system that can be used with any 6-12’’ tablet such as; iPad, Samsung, Nexus, Kindle or Nook. Adjustable straps, clamp base and 360 degree turning head allow for devices to be mounted to desk, tables, chairs, wheelchairs and much more. The Sqweezel mounting system was added to the AT Lending Library through support from the CT Tech Act.

October 2016

Photo of OPTIMAX Wireless Joystick

OPTIMAX Wireless Joystick
by Pretorian Technologies

The OPTIMAX Wireless Joystick is a unique wireless joystick, ideal for users with motor skill difficulties, to access any tablet or PC with a USB port. It includes three different handles (joystick knob, soft sponge and tbar) in order to customize based on student’s individual needs. It can be used up to 10 meters away from device. The OPTIMAX Wireless Joystick was added to the AT Lending Library through support from the CT Tech Act.

October 2015

Photo of ProSlate 8D

ProSlate 8D
by FRS Solutions (Forbes Rehab Services)

ProSlate 8D is an iPad mini converted into a “dedicated device” funded by insurance (or Medicaid/Husky). The ProSlate includes one app of choice, protective case that is water and sand resistant, optional magnetic keyguard, built-in kickstand, built-in handle, and Bluetooth speaker that amplifies the iPad’s volume for noisy environments. The speaker can also detach and be worn around the neck. The ProSlate includes a 5 year warranty by the company that converted it to an SGD, Forbes Rehab Services Inc., which goes beyond the warranty Apple provides as it is designed to be used as an AAC device.

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