AT Resources

Here are some resources that may be helpful to you in your search for Assistive Technology devices and services:

CTTAP Partner Agencies

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Alliance for Assistive Technology Access:
The mission of the ATA is to increase the use of technology by children and adults with disabilities and functional limitations. the national public website on Assistive Technology

Job Accommodation Network:
Free, expert guidance on Job Accommodations for employers and employees.

Family Center on Technology and Disability
Provides a “wide range of resources on assistive and instructional technologies”

Work RERC: includes information on workplace accommodations, case studies, and AT based on functional limitations

Aids to Daily Living

Gold Violin

Independent Living Aids, LLC
Telephone: 800-537-2118

Telephone: 888-640-1999

Computer Access

Telephone: 800-397-0921

Fentek Industries
Telephone: 800-639-0710

Ergo Guys
Telephone: 602-354-4190

Telephone: 888-640-1999 


Hear More
Telephone: 800-881-4327
TTY: 800-281-3555

LS&S, LLC: Learning, Sight & Sound
Telephone: 800-468-4789
TTY: 866-317-8533

Telephone: 888-640-1999

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

ATG Rehab & Medical Products
Telephone: 860-257-3443

Home Health Pavilion Inc.
Telephone: 860-210-1313

Connecticut Support Services
Telephone: 860-793-6843

Patient Lifts of New England
Telephone: 1-800-987-6219

Evis Medical Equipment
Telephone: 860-296-3565

Hudson Home Health Care

Telephone: 860-666-7500

Learning / Education-Related

Telephone: 800-322-0956

Onion Mountain Technology 
Telephone: 860-693-2683

Henter Math
Telephone: 866-313-6284

Technology for Education
Telephone: 800-370-0047

Telephone: 888-640-1999


Modified Vehicles (New/Used)

Advanced Wheels of Technology, Inc
Telephone: 860-653-8064

Ride-Away Corp.
Telephone: 888-743-3292

Disabled Dealer

AMS Handicap Vans
Telephone: 800-775-8267

Vision Aids

Vision Dynamics
Telephone: 203-271-1944

Silver Lining Technologies

LS&S, LLC: Learning, Sight & Sound
Telephone: 800-468-4789
TTY: 866-317-8533

Telephone: 888-640-1999

Wheelchairs and Scooters

The Scooter Store
Telephone: 866-603-7369


NEAT Marketplace
Telephone: 866-526-4492

Telephone: 800-333-6900