AT Tip of the Week

Week of 3/4/2019

Don Johnston has added new features to Co:Writer. There is a new test mode for students who use writing accommodations on the state assessment. Allowable testing accommodations can be set for some or all of your students.

  • Automatically adjusts settings to comply with assessments in every state
  • No need to manage how educators adjust features to comply with testing
  • No additional installation or student users required
  • No text is sent to the cloud—eliminating any risk of compromising test security
  • Students retain all of the settings they’re accustomed to (fonts, colors, etc.). “Test Mode” only changes features disallowed by each test
Co:Writer has also added word by word translation. Get word-by-word translation in 25+ languages. Write in your first language, and Co:Writer will translate in real time—right in the sentence. You can also hit the microphone button and speak the words. Co:Writer will translate automatically.

Check out the new features on the Don Johnston website by following this link:

These tips will cover a variety of areas, devices and tools. Most of the tips will focus on low or no cost AT. We hope these will be helpful for you or others you work with in your schools, districts, at home or in your workplace.

Please feel free to send us any tips that you feel would be helpful for others.

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