Access through Technology

Access through Technology is the State of CT equipment distribution program for residents who are deaf-blind.

The FCC has selected the CT Tech Act Project as the Certified Program the the National Deaf Blind Equipment Distribution Program to provide equipment needed to make telecommunications, advanced communications, and the Internet accessible to low-income individuals who have both significant vision loss and significant hearing loss.

There is no cost to eligible individuals to receive assessments, equipment and training.

This program is open to individuals who meet specific eligibility criteria of a combined vision and hearing loss as follows:

Significant vision loss is defined as having at least one of the following conditions:

  • Visual acuity of 20/200 or less in the better eye with corrective lenses
  • A field defect such that the peripheral diameter of the visual field is no greater than 20 degrees
  • Progressive visual loss with a prognosis leading to one or both of above conditions

Significant hearing loss is defined as having at least one of the following conditions:

  • Chronic hearing disabilities so severe that most speech cannot be understood with optimum amplification
  • Progressive hearing loss having a prognosis leading to above condition

Income guidelines:

  • Household income within 400 % of federal poverty level


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