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CTTAP Has a New Logo!

The CT Tech Act Project was established in Connecticut in 1992 and for 31 years we have used our original logo and tagline ‘Achievement Through Technology’.

Old CTTAP logo from 1992 - 2023

But times change, trends change, and we know technology changes very quickly! This year the CT Tech Act Project Advisory Council decided it was time to modernize our look and feel. This included updating our logo to a more relevant look that better reflects our current mission, that is more versatile and adaptable and will endure for many years into the future.

Connecticut Tech Act Project logo

We maintained the color purple, but utilized a deeper, royal purple and have added orange to create a nice pop of color and contrast. The graphic elements to the left of the program title are intended to be active, dynamic and bold, reflecting our mission as Connecticut’s Assistive Technology program – the central place that individuals with disabilities, family members, educators, employers, and professionals turn to for Assistive Technology supports, programs, services and resources.

We are excited about this new look and to have also updated our website to reflect our new colors and logo. We also streamlined the information to give visitors to our website easier access to the information and resources they are looking for. You can visit our website at You will begin seeing our new logo throughout our website, social media and print materials. Rest assured we are the same small but mighty program with a great new look!