AT Device Reuse

Reuse of Assistive Technology devices gives new life to used Assistive Technology equipment. Reusing AT allows for good, used equipment to get into the hands of people who need it, for less than purchasing it brand new. In 2017, the Connecticut Tech Act Project’s reuse programs provided a cost savings to consumers of over $1,054,000!

CTTAP offers Assistive Technology Reuse through our community partner agency, the NEAT Center at Oakhill. NEAT refurbishes gently used Durable Medical Equipment, such as wheelchairs, scooters, and more. They inspect, repair and ensure the devices are properly working before reselling at a significant discount. NEAT also accepts donations of equipment. Through NEAT’s Satellite Center residents of western Connecticut may drop off or find the equipment they need at the Western CT Assistive Technology Center.
For more information on this valuable serve, visit NEAT’s website at or call 866-526-4492