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SCSU Creating Switch-Adapted Toys for Local School

Toys and switches on table from SCSU's Adaptive Toys Workshopby Lauren Tucker, Ed.D.

The graduate students in Southern Connecticut State University’s Assistive Technology Program participated in an adapted toy workshop this spring to learn how to increase the accessibility for many toys. Unfortunately, many switch-adapted toys are very expensive and have limited options. To learn the process of adapting and to give back to the community, the SCSU Special Education department purchased toys and the materials for graduate students to adapt several toys.

SCSU graduate students learned a solder-free method of toy adaptation using lever nuts.  They explored the essential components of toy adapting, wiring, and circuitry. After the toys were adapted by the SCSU students, they were donated to ACES Village School in North Haven.  As stated on their website, Village School provides collaborative educational, emotional, and physical services to children ages 3 to 14 years with a range of cognitive, physical, behavioral, language, and medical challenges.

Village School celebrates the diversity of their student population through innovative and individualized instruction. The teachers and speech pathologists were able to utilize the switch adapted toys in their classrooms for cause and effect activities, teaching motor skills, and recreation! The adapted toys included a spin art activity, a dancing pig, a dancing cactus and more! The SCSU Assistive Technology program is excited to continue their toy adapting workshop in the future semesters. Click here to view a video summary of the workshop class.

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SCSU New Assistive Technology Certificate

Written by Lauren Tucker, Ed.D.

sample badge awarded for participation in SCSU's Assistive Technology Graduate Certificate program

Southern Connecticut State University is excited to be offering an Assistive Technology Graduate Certificate (ATC) starting Fall 2022.  This 12-credit program focuses on assistive technology (AT) across the lifespan through four hybrid graduate courses with hands-on project-based learning experiences.

Also, this program is ideal for any professionals supporting students or adults with disabilities or aging individuals who would like to learn more about assistive technology. One course reviews assistive technology for reading, writing, math, and executive functioning tasks.

Another focuses on AT for access across multiple environments (school, community and home, for example). The AT Assessment course introduces the AT assessment process including various approaches, formats, report writing, and implementation. In addition, the final course is an on-campus assistive technology clinic, where AT evaluations and trainings are conducted with members of the community. Interested in what a typical class is like? Check out our Instagram account: @scsuassitivetech. The hybrid approach to learning focuses on-campus sessions on project-based learning through technology exploration, programming, and creation.

In addition to the graduate certificate, a series of five digital badges will be awarded as each course is completed. Digital badges can be utilized on email signatures, resumés, and profiles to demonstrate specific skill sets and expertise developed through the courses.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Lauren Tucker (  You can also learn more on our website: