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These tips will cover a variety of areas, devices and tools. Most of the tips will focus on low or no cost AT. We hope these will be helpful for you or others you work with in your schools, districts, at home or in your workplace. Please feel free to send us any tips that you feel would be helpful for others.

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Week of 01/11/2017

Sketchnotes of all 9 DTT Digital Summit Presentations

In one week, I’m going to open the Digital Summit up for ONE MORE WEEK. All of the videos and resources (notes, certificates of completion, links … everything) will be up for one more week.

This encore presentation will run from Thursday, January 12, to Wednesday, January 18.

If you missed it, this is your chance! If you wanted colleagues to see it, run and tell them now! If you forgot to get your certificates of completion (you know who you are!), you have one more week!

If you were signed up for Digital Summit emails, you’ll get emails about the encore with links to all of the presentations. If you weren’t signed up and want them, just go to

Week of 01/04/2017

Happy New Year all!

If you didn’t get an email from Crick – they’ve now changed licensing so that single user licenses are now available for their apps (Clicker sentences and Clicker Docs) on Chrome! Before, an entire domain license needed to be purchased. Check out the link below for further information:

Thanks, Nicole, Carolann and Lisa

Week of 11/14/2016

Many of out students with poor handwriting have difficulty with math due to all the writing involved, for some of those students g(Math) might help. g(Math) is a free Google Docs Add-On which allows for the creation and implementation of mathematical expressions, equations, graphs and other complex math directly into a Google Doc. You can input the information using the keyboard, speech recognition or handwriting. You can add g(Math) through the Chrome Web Store at

Once inside of a Google Doc, you can access g(Math) by clicking the Add-Ons tab, and selecting g(Math) and then selecting one of the four options as shown below.


You can access a variety of their training tutorials at

We hope to see some of you at the New England Assistive Technology conference in Warwick, RI, this Thursday and Friday. You can find information about it at

Have a great week,
Carolann, Nicole and Lisa

Week of 10/13/2016

OPTIMAX Wireless Joystick

by Pretorian Technologies

The OPTIMAX Wireless Joystick is a unique wireless joystick, ideal for users with motor skill difficulties, to access any tablet or PC with a USB port. It includes three different handles (joystick knob, soft sponge and tbar) in order to customize based on student’s individual needs. It can be used up to 10 meters away from device. The OPTIMAX Wireless Joystick was added to the AT Lending Library through support from the CT Tech Act.

Week of 10/06/2016

Welcome to the new school year.

We wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that Assistiveware is having a 50% off sale this week – until tomorrow, 10/7! Check it out here:

Enjoy the long weekend, Nicole, Carolann and Lisa!

Week of 06/20/2016

Happy Summer Vacation! We hope that everyone has a safe, restful and enjoyable summer. This is the last AT tip for the 15-16 school year. – Free website from Easter Seals

BridgingApps helps users choose apps for children and adults that are appropriate, useful and life-enhancing. With the overwhelming number of apps emerging on a daily basis, this seemingly simple task becomes challenging with children and adults who are developmentally or physically delayed and many parents and well-intentioned professionals are at a loss as to how to get started.

BridgingApps is comprised of parents, therapists, teachers, doctors and assistive technology professionals who test and review these apps and wish to share their findings and experience to help others. With the special needs user in mind, we intend to provide supplementary information in conjunction with the developer’s app description.

Week of 06/13/2016

Switch-Activated Bubble Machine

by Enablemart

Photo of a young girl playing with the Switch-Activated Bubble Machine.The switch-adapted Bubble Machine by Enablemart provides access to individuals with motor impairment. The bubble machine has a 3.5 mm jack plug for capability switches, such as the Jelly Bean Twist in Meru Splatz non-slip holder pictured here. This type of device provides highly motivating cause and effect switch practice. The Bubble Machine was added to the AT Lending Library through support from the CT Tech Act.

Interested Consortium Member districts can borrow this item by contacting any member of the AT Team or by emailing Carol Magliocco at

Week of 05/15/2016

Teachers sometimes ask us for resources for students reading various classic literature books. Here are a few:

60 Second Recap offers 60 second recaps for each chapter for many classic literature books and the site now includes study guide resources found at

Schmoop includes summaries, themes, analysis, essay help and now literature videos (the site does include ads though), you can find a list of the classic literature at

(The below information was taken from, a free daily email of free tech tools for teachers.)

LitCharts is a relatively new service that provides teachers and students with guides and summaries of classic and popular literature. LitCharts guides can be viewed online or you can download the guides as PDFs. To download a PDF you do have to enter your email address. The online versions of the guides available on LitCharts feature background information on a book’s author, a color-coded list of themes in the book, a plot summary, a character list and summary, and an interactive chart board of themes in the book.

The interactive chart boards on LitCharts offer a way to explore the entire guide from one place. The chart board is a wheel of chapters of a book. The wheel is color-coded with themes from the book. When you click on a chapter and color in the chart board you will be shown a short summary of that section of the book followed by a link to read more. Color-coding makes it fairly easy to follow a theme through the book.

Have a great week,
Carolann, Nicole and Lisa

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