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Instructional Robots have Moved into Oak Hill!

By Adam Kosakowski, NEAT, Assistive Technology Specialist

Image of Kebbi. A classroom robot with a very cute digital face.Meet Kebbi!

Kebbi is an educational robot that integrates artificial intelligence, software, and hardware technology to provide a variety of facial expressions, body movements and communicative interactions. Kebbi provides a unique set of capabilities that offer students with autism and other special needs a unique approach to learning and engagement in the home/school environment.

The robot-assisted instruction comes with fundamental skills-training, using evidence-based techniques. The software supports a pre-programmed curriculum with the ability to customize, based on the student’s educational deficits as well as achievements.


The NEAT Center at Oak Hill has received two of these beautiful devices: one, which was donated to Oak Hill from MOVIA Robotics, and the other purchased for NEAT by the CT Tech Act Project. The CT Tech Act Project provides a great deal of programmatic support to NEAT, especially for the Lending Library and Adaptive Equipment Services. Both devices have been entered into the Lending Library at NEAT and can be borrowed to help make informed decisions about purchasing. Borrowing a device allows individuals time to see if it will meet their needs, both socially and educationally. Want to learn more? Please reach out to Adam Kosakowski from the NEAT Center at

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Two young boys happily interacting with Movia Kebbie Robot

Young boy using Movia Kebbie Robot